Documentation For Legalization For South Korea

Published December 21st, 2021 by DMV Apostille And Courier Services

If you are planning to move to South Korea and work in International school teaching, you need to legalize specific documents in order for them to be accepted in South Korea.

Academic Documents

When looking to start work overseas you will need to have one or more of your academic documents legalized. The authorities requesting the documents in South Korea will normally request that you have your highest qualification legalized with an apostille. It is common practice that we legalize copies of educational documents which are to be legalized and presented in South Korea. Only a small minority of clients ask that we process the original certificates although we do recommend you contact your future employer for clarification.

Criminal Record Checks

As well as academic documents it is common place that the authorities in South Korea will also request that you have a criminal record check legalized. We recommend that you contact your future employer and see if they require State issued criminal or FBI background checks.

Academic documents and criminal record checks are the two most common documents that we see being processed for clients going to work in South Korea. However, occasionally we do see that there are other documents that are required. For example, if you are applying for a South Korean driving license will need to have your US Driving License legalized via Apostille

Before proceeding with legalization, we always recommend that you check with the requestor of your documents and find out exactly what they want you to present. This will ensure that you have the correct documents legalized and can begin work in South Korea as quickly as possible.

If you need our assistance getting an apostille on your documents please contact us for further assistance.

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